Throughout the semester, I came up with my photo shoot ideas as we learned different lighting techniques in class. I’d usually have to sit and think for a while about all of the potential concepts that would work for the lighting situation, but when I was reading the syllabus on the first day and spotted “Sportrait” for Week 6, I knew immediately what my subject matter would be.

I used to row, so I wanted to stick with the sport I know the most about and find a way to put a spin on the typical shots of rowers I’ve seen before. I met up with my model, Melanie, to shoot stills during “magic hour” and again at dawn to catch her in action on the water. I tried different angles, shutter speeds and focal lengths. Rob taught us about “stash-a-flash” this week, and although I desperately tried to incorporate it into the assignment, oars and boats aren’t exactly the easiest props. I ended up propping my light stand over her head so that the light was diffused from above. Eventually, this shot was the final result.


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